20 advices for my son!

20 advices  for my son!There are many life lessons that we learn from our parents, from grandparents, friends, acquaintances, children, to life! All life learn and evolve. Measure the life quality of a human, I think it gives it the education of children forward. We accomplish our mission as parents in this world, if we offer real people to society, with consciousness, courage, trust, altruism.

My dear Rares, I want to read these words later in adolescence, and consider them a small hand book. I will be very proud if, as you read, you say: ” I know, mom, you’ve said it many times! ”

1.    Don’t expect to have without ‘’ be ‘’ and ‘’ do ‘’
The natural order for success is “to be” – “to do” – “to have”. Invest in yourself, be a good person, respect yourself, know yourself, learn it! Then put yourself in practice, practice up, evolve, work! Certainly, in the end, you’ll have!

2.    Start everything thinking that you will succeed!
As a man, the future head of the family, it is imperative to provide balance and protection. Your family should feel safe with you. Therefore, you must be confident that you will succeed. I have in mind the words of my mother who taught me that ” there is no I can’t, but I don’t want ” .I want these words to be your foundation for all actions that you undertake.

3.    Be spiritually!
A woman will never leave a man that makes her smile!

4.    Dance!
Women love to dance, everyone. And, if you do not know how to dance, learn it yourself! Wear her all over the dance floor.

5.    Do not be a bully!
Men are endowed with physical strength. All men. Few are those who know how to not abuse power in solving a conflict. Be one of the few that prove an acquired skill, wisdom, not part of the flock that displays an innate capability!

6.    Always tell the truth, but if it hurts, say it in a diplomatic way!
I respect and appreciate those who tell the truth, but I love those who don’t hurt by their truth. Especially the notion that truth is so relative, that hardly two people who are in a dispute can have full truth on their side.

7.    Take care of your nails, teeth, shoes!
These are the most important pillars of the men on the first date. In the second, third, whole life. A man with manicured nails, teeth perfect, fresh breath, clean shoes get all doors opened wide.

8.    Use the condom!
The condom is more than a form of birth control, means protection. Men can have adventures, just like women, if you are not involved in a relationship. Worrying is if adventures have higher frequency than daily and partners are always others. In addition to that, I really want to be a grandmother, but most of all I want you to be a great father for your child!

9.    Always pee in the toilet, clean it, flush and wash your hands!

10.    If you will not find the right words, offer a hug!
Most of the men lost in the battle of ideas with life partners, not because they have, but because they feel they are losing precious time debating and prefer to resolv by win it. Men speak little, and often, their partners feel neglected and misunderstood. A hug can be worth a thousand words.

11.    Respect the age!
You are young and healthy now, but the day will come when you will be a grandfather. Behave with elders as you wish you to be treated in old age. A man that got through life experience can help you, you can know the from ” books “.

12.    The girl who will be your choice shouldn’t matter if I like her, but you love her and she loves you back!
Mothers are subjective. They can find fault with any girls you have a relationship. You listen to my opinion, but always follow your heart!

13.    Want you to promise me that there will be mother-son dance at your wedding party!

14.    Choose a woman that is as beautiful in the morning!
I never understood men’s preference for women decorated artificial. Is she wearing a mask in her most intimate moments too! My belief is that women who abuse cosmetic products are as complex as those who use excessive plastic surgery. Sure you do not want to share life with complexity.

15.    Do not let jealousy destroy your relationship!
Jealousy is proof of love. But if your jealousy means that the girl you love can not be herself, then jealousy do not mean love, but frustration, obsession, control.

16.    If you love her, respect her mother!
Girls have a special relationship with their mothers and their great desire is that the man next to them to have a beautiful relationship with those that gave them life. When you get a wife, you should know that you will marry in a small-large measure with her mother.

17.    Do not make a habit of waiting to be served at the table!
Many men believe that a woman’s place is in the kitchen. Don’t be limited like them. A woman’s place is beside her husband as her husband’s place next to the woman who share his life with. Yes, women can also be housewives and mothers, and wives, and career women at the same time. But doing all this without any help, will grow old before your time. Do what you want! Maintain a young and beautiful woman, don’t help, take it with her!

18.    Don’t be the kind of partner ‘’ look at that girl ‘’
If I hate something in a man who is in a relationship, is drooling after other women. There is nothing more humiliating for a woman than “appreciation” eyes and especially the words of another woman by the partner. You can not love one woman, be honest with yourself and do not get involved in a relationship.

19.    Cherish the woman!
Take the example of your father and offers her flowers, take her surprises, enjoy her every day! She’ll will be yours forever!

20.    Call me
I know that at some point we will no longer live under the same roof and I will miss you terribly. I also know that I will not be the most important woman in your life. Well, I still can not accept that … But call me at least once a week. I want to hear you and I know if you’re right!

With endless and unconditional love Mom

consultanta Dan Bradu

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