A piece of advice for less arguments

Sometimes when spirits get hot, it is hard to keep your head clear and make compromises. Try some tips and see what to do to argue less.

Identify the real problem

If you leave taken by feelings and yell at each other a few hours, not only it does not solve anything, but you exhaust yourselfs without being constructive.Try to get over pride and do not lose your temper. Maybe the problem is simple and the solution is waiting around the corner.

Listen to eachother

Emotions and strong feelings, such as anger, make you lose the point of the other’s opinion. Maybe he feels hurt, maybe he wants to be understood. A little calm and reason do much better and even lead to avoid future conflicts. Listen to what your partner has to say and maybe next time you do not start fighting.

Compromises are flexible

If you have previously established a rule and one of you has broken a “paragraph”of it you should not lose your temper. Compromises are adjustable and should be both flexible while the other goes wrong.

Define your wishes

To stop arguing and harmony in the couple to be perfect, you should tell the other loud and clear what you want. If one of you knows exactly what the other wants, fighting is one step away. Do not be afraid to discuss sensitive issues, as this is the reason for you being together for better or for worse, right?

Replace guilt with solutions

Even if you feel that the other is wrong, do not overwhelm him with reproaches. Everyone makes mistakes and we all have flaws. Instead of blaming each other and look for somebody responsible when something goes wrong, try to suggest solutions for the problem.

They may not be the perfect solutions, maybe not even good ideas, but certainly act  in a better way for relationship than accusations and reproaches.

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